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Store-wide 30% Moving SALE (4 DAYS ONLY)
Dear Loli's,
I hope all of you have been well lately! It's been a while since I personally wrote, and as our lease at Haji Lane is up, we will be shifting to Far East Plaza with effect from 7 June 2011. Our range of dresses and accessories will be taken care by:

Black Alice @ Dark Royalities
Far East Plaza, #03-06
Store Owner: Weiwei

Our items have been taken down at Haji Lane, so please do not go down during this period. Because of this, we will be having a.....

Store-wide 30% Moving SALE on all items
4 days ONLY till 7 June 2011!

All items (dresses, headdresses, blouses, socks, etc) are on 30% off, and you can purchase all of them directly at our website (, or arrange for cash-on-delivery purchase. For cash orders, please send your orders to Grace (, and a delivery slot for your items to be delivered.

Please note that this sale will end on 7 June 2011 for a 4-day period only. Our latest range of items (with a large addition of parasols) are also eligible for the discounts!

Start shopping at

Happy shopping, and I'll catch up with you all during the next event!

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