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black alice


Black Alice

Lolita in Wonderland~ Keeping Every Girl's Dream Alive

Graduation of Black Alice: Last tea party
black alice

Dear Loli's,

Perhaps some of you might have already heard the news already, but Black Alice will be graduating on 31 Jan 2012. Though I will still retain the name "Black Alice", we won't have any major activities after Jan 2012. During each year, if there are exciting activities to participate (i.e. EOY's annual Lolita fashion runway), we will make announcements for those.
I thought it very long, and very hard, before deciding to graduate Black Alice. It was a very exciting 4 years, and I learnt many, many things through Black Alice. I lost a few friends, but I made many, many new friends. When we first initially started BA, we wanted to upgrade the standard of Loli, because there were so many Ita-Loli's those days. We really loved the idea of sharing this fashion with people, and educate them on how to carry themselves well.
We did many tea parties, conducted make up classes, did movie screenings (Shimotsuma Monogatari & Alice in Wonderland), to even more non-conventional things like ice-skating and scrap booking.
During the past 4 years, I really had a very enjoyable time running Black Alice. We started off as a small booth in Cosfest, then moved out to Bugis, before settling at Cathay for 2 years. We're still currently at Far East Plaza, sharing a space with Dark Royalties now.
It has always been my dream to open a Loli retail store, and Black Alice exceeded what I imagined it to be. I never thought that one day we will get to be the distributor for BABY, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden and even Putumayo. These were brands that I never thought I would get to work with. I met up with Akinori Isobe, the owner of Baby, and also visited the offices of BABY, AP and IW. It was really a very magical experience.
Back in those days, I still couldn't speak Japanese, but recently I went to Japan, and met up with Tocco, our account manager at BABY, and I was so happy that I could converse with her in simple Japanese. Together with Junne, we talked for hours in Japanese at the Alice in Wonderland and Criston cafe at Shinjuku. They really treated me like old time friends.
Over the years, I've watched and seen Loli's come and go, and I've seen how regular girls transform into the pretty ladies that you are today. For some of you, I remember the day I first saw you at Black Alice, when you bought your first dress, when you attended our first tea party; but you eventually graduated to become the pretty Loli you are today. Your coordinates got better, your make up skills improved and you made many friends.
Among the many things I got from Black Alice, the friendships I made with some of you were really one of the best. The days that I had lunches with you all, hear about your lives and see the challenges you go through. I've also seen quite a number of you through your dating times, right all the way till you got married.
Seeing how close the Lolita community has become has made me very happy. It made me feel that everything that me and Ling have worked so hard for, was worth it. In a way, when I look at all of you, it makes me think that hey..., perhaps my job is done. My dream and desire has been fufilled, and perhaps it is time for me to go, for me to move on. 
Opening Black Alice was one of the best things that ever happened in my life. It proved to me that we can pursue what we love in life, against all odds, even when other people think that it is ridiculous. Without Black Alice, I would never have gotten the chance to run EOY, where running stage productions became one of my passions.
I was just doing an interview with Grace the other day, and she asked me what I'll like to do again, if I were to be able to live my life all over again.
I will still marry Ling, buy the same cars that I own, live in the same house, and I will still open Black Alice, and I'll still do EOY. I will live my life exactly the same way again, even if I am given another chance.
In this same notion, I hope that I have inspired you, also, to pursue your dreams and passions in life.
The upcoming Doll's tea party (26/12) will be the last tea party for Black Alice, so please do RSVP to Sheryl, and I really, really hope you can join us for our graduation tea party.
Next, the current consolidate batch for BABY (http://www.babyssb.co.jp) will also be the final one, so please browse whatever order you would like to make for this one by this week. For the final consolidation order, we will extend a 10% discount on all orders.
Also, as a special preview to our sale, there is a 40% discount of all existing Black Alice items if you are joining us for our tea party this coming week. You may browse our site (http://www.blackalice.com) and get Sheryl to reserve the items for you (by Thursday 12:59 pm). Once you have reserved an item, I will bring it down during the tea party.
In closing, I want to thank you for being part of my life, and for being part of Black Alice's. It has been an honor serving the Lolita community; sometimes I feel that you're all my little daughters, and it brought out a bit of a fatherly nature in me.
Perhaps I might have changed some of your lives, but deep inside, I am very, very grateful that you, have changed mine. Because of you, I was, and still am, the very, very proud owner of Black Alice.
Just for you, my lunch will always be open to you, because Loli's will have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being part of this family, and I'll never, ever forget this. Even when I die, I'll bring all the happy memories of Black Alice to heaven with me.
I'll see you at the tea party.
And with that, my calling for Black Alice has been fulfilled. 

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black alice

You are invited!

Black Alice wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Welcome to the toy factory~!

A Christmas tea party

By Black Alice

 Lets spend a special evening together.

on December, 26 2011

at 6~9pm

Cosafe Maid Bar and Restaurant

To make this evening a little more special, there will be a small gift exchange.

Do bring along a small token. It doesn't have to be expensive. It can even be hand made!

It's Christmas! It's the thought that counts~




26th of December, 2011




Cosafe Maid Bar and Restaurant

 Chjimes, 30 Victoria Street, #01-10/11 Singapore 187996




There's a maximum of 30 pax! So first come first serve~


Any main Lolita styles. Doll yourself up so that you can fit in on a shelf of toys!


 Main Course :

Baby Back Ribs

Chicken Roulade

Pasta ( Carbonara, Gambas, Bolognese )

 Pizza ( Hawaiian or Al Fungi )

Dessert :

X'mas Logcake

Chocolate Truffle


Do get back to me your choice of main course and dessert when you RSVP so that I can get back to Cosafe to prepare for us!


Free flow of coke or sprite until 8pm


We apologise for the delay of this invitation as there was a bit of problem while searching for a cafe due to the peak period.


To attend, RSVP by 23rd of of December, 2011 at 10pm

by emailing to sheryl@blackalice.com with the following:


Choice of food

Main course:


Hope to see you there!





BTSSB & AaTP new arrival!
black alice

 Dear Loli-chans,

New items from BTSSB and AaTP has arrived!


Launching on 18/11/2011 Friday at 6pm!

Get them before they are sold out! I, myself am very tempted to get some of them too. XD




Keep your suggestions for cafe coming in! We love to find new locations for tea parties!

If there's something you'd like to enquire or order,  feel free to email me at sheryl@blackalice.com

See you soon! <3

New arrival: Angelic Pretty, Country of Sweets
black alice
Dear Lolitas,
We here, at Black Alice, is pleased to announce that Angelic Pretty's super cute Country of Sweets is here with us!
Launched at our Black Alice webstore!

Hope to see you at the upcoming tea parties!
The next one should be Christmas tea party!
If there is any cafe that you would like to try or you think is nice with good food and ambience, do send in to me at sheryl@blackalice.com .
Thank you! <3

Once upon a time...
black alice

You are invited...


You are cordinally invited to

~*Once Upon a Time*~

a Fairytale Tea Party

by Black Alice

An afternoon surrounded by sweets

on October 30 2011

at 12~3pm

Cafe L'Operetta


Be dressed in your interpretation of a fairy tale



30 October 2011, Sunday




Cafe L'Operetta

83 Duxton Road Berjaya Singapore Hotel Lobby Level (S) 089540




Any main lolita styles. It all depends on how you want to interprete your own fairy tale.

Additional +1 guests of invited Lolitas are limited to only their female Lolita friends


Mini operetta (chocolate, coffee, rum)
Mini berjaya (cassis, fig, chantilly cream)
Mini cheesecake
Mini fruit tart
Mini choux puff
Raspberry macaron
Pistachio macaron
Lemon macaron
Free refillable of one type of tea
(Earl Grey/ English Breakfast/ Darjeeling/ Jardin Bleu/ Four Fruit Rouge/ Seven Perfumes)
To attend, all guest must RSVP by Saturday, 22nd of October, 9pm
by emailing to sheryl@blackalice.com with the following
Guest name/number:
Hope to see you there!

September's Tea Party - Rilakkuma Cafe
black alice

 Hi everyone,

Once again it's the long awaited tea party~ 
This time, Black Alice will try a simple seat down tea time! 

There is a new Rilakkuma Cafe opening for three days at Bon Japan in Orchard Central, and Black Alice manage to secure reservations for one of the day~

Seats are limited for Black Alice's reservation so please do send in your RSVP soon
by latest Wednesday, 28th, 6pm.


to blackalice.sg@gmail.com

Here are the details!

Rilakkuma Cafe
BonJapan, Orchard Central lvl 6

1st Oct 2011

12pm - 2pm
Or $13.90 if you would like to upsize

Noodles or Pie Soup

Dress code:
Lolita of any substyles
(Preferably in Black Alice's distributing brands such as Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World)

Invitation to Midsummer Masquerade, 09 July 11‏
black alice
You are invited...

from piratealice.tumblr.com

You are cordially invited to
~ Midsummer Masquerade ~
a Masquerade Tea Party
by Black Alice
A special afternoon of food and fun
on July 09 2011
at 2pm~5pm
The Tea Party Café

Masks are required for entrance

09 July 2011, Saturday


The Tea Party Café
805 Bukit Timah Road, #01-07 Sixth Avenue Centre, Singapore


A mask.
Lolitas are highly encouraged to be dressed in their best as for a masquerade ball
Any main styles (Sweet/Gothic/Classic/Kodona/Aristocratic)

Additional +1 guests of invited Lolitas are limited to only their female Lolita friends (dress code: Lolita with masks) or male partners : husbands, boyfriends and dates (dress code: Black-tie optional but in formal wear with a mask)

A. Aglio olio pasta
B. Crispy chicken
C. Sotong ball
D. Samosa
E. Chocolate scones
F. Chocolate mud cake
G. Apple crumble
H. Iced fruit punch
Please do note that although the suppliers are Halal-certified, The Tea Party Café is not.

Brought to you by Karmen and Jessica, game masters for Midsummer Masquerade
Many prizes to be won through the games and best coordination awards for Best Masquerade Theme and also Best Mask and also a surprise present~

To attend Midsummer Masquerade, all guests must RSVP no later than 06 July, Wednesday, 9pm
by emailing back to grace@blackalice.com with the following

Guest name/number:

Hope to see you there~!<3

New Arrival, New Reservation and Tea Party Teaser‏
black alice
 Hi everyone!

New Arrival

Thank you all for the support during the quick sale! =] Because of this, Black Alice is currently a little low on stocks so we have just brought in a new batch of Lolita items just for you! From both reknowned brands, Alice and The Pirate, and also Angelic Pretty!
These items are now available at Black Alice store (located in Dark Royalties @ Far East Plaza) and also on Black Alice webshop (http://www.blackalice.com) so do take a look!

New Reservation

Alice and the Pirates, together with Baby the Stars Shine Bright also have new series up for reservation: Unico ♥ in Bloomland & Melty Mermaid Princess
Do click in to take a look at the different colorways and items available!


Tea Party Teaser

Just a slight teaser for the upcoming tea party...
It will be happening on July 09, Saturday! From 2~5pm!
More details will be released soon in the next mailer~
So please do get ready your masks! As what is a masquerade party without a mask?
(picture by NaomiFaMi)

Store-wide 30% Moving SALE (4 DAYS ONLY)
Dear Loli's,
I hope all of you have been well lately! It's been a while since I personally wrote, and as our lease at Haji Lane is up, we will be shifting to Far East Plaza with effect from 7 June 2011. Our range of dresses and accessories will be taken care by:

Black Alice @ Dark Royalities
Far East Plaza, #03-06
Store Owner: Weiwei

Our items have been taken down at Haji Lane, so please do not go down during this period. Because of this, we will be having a.....

Store-wide 30% Moving SALE on all items
4 days ONLY till 7 June 2011!

All items (dresses, headdresses, blouses, socks, etc) are on 30% off, and you can purchase all of them directly at our website (http://www.blackalice.com), or arrange for cash-on-delivery purchase. For cash orders, please send your orders to Grace (grace@blackalice.com), and a delivery slot for your items to be delivered.

Please note that this sale will end on 7 June 2011 for a 4-day period only. Our latest range of items (with a large addition of parasols) are also eligible for the discounts!

Start shopping at http://www.blackalice.com

Happy shopping, and I'll catch up with you all during the next event!

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Launch of BTSSB items~
black alice
 Hello everyone~!

New arrivals from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and also Alice and the Pirates will be available tonight on Black Alice's webshop: http://www.blackalice.com at 9pm!
Some items are sold out on the official BTSSB's website, so don't miss your chance to grab them~ Also lucky packs are now available online too~!
To combat Singapore's hot humid weather, PARASOLS are a must~! Perfect for blocking the harmful sun rays and the occassional light shower while still being your lolita self.


For those that have not yet RSVP for Black Alice's first Pastry Baking Class, please do not hurry! =D Few spots left to make the class happen~!

Please RSVP to grace@blackalice.com with the title ‘Pastry Baking Class