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Tea Party details and new BTSSB reservation‏
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 Hello everyone!!!

Details are out now for the May/June Black Alice Tea Party that you have been waiting for! This time we are going to mix things up a bit, something that we have not yet tried before~!
Something sweet, yummy and absolutely fun!

It’s time for BAKING CLASSES! Instead of just eating, now we can actually bake it ourselves and enjoy them! =D

We are going to bake…


Are you excited yet? I know I sure am! *drools*

Wait wait, before you get scared, no worries! No actual baking experience needed for beginners, everyone can learn together! *wipes sweat of relief, as I can’t bake too* And for those with baking experience, it’s time to show those pastry making skills and impart your knowledge too!

Details details~
Date: June 4th 2011, Saturday

Time: 12pm-3pm
(it’s a 3 hours workshop)

Venue: Buona Vista CC
(Buona Vista Community Club (CC), 36 Holland Drive 270036)
Right next to Buona Vista bus terminal and walking distance from the MRT station

Price: $28/pax
what does it includes: all materials and ingredients needed, teacher's fee and room booking fee

Therefore, most importantly what do you need to bring?
- Nothing! But yourself
- In casual Lolita <- stress on the casual Lolita part. You wouldn’t want to be sweaty with flour over your most epic coordinate right?
- With an apron <- anything that covers you, lace/frills/mickey mouse/borrowed from your kitchen
- A paper and pen to record down the steps
- and most importantly, a fun attitude! =D

*personal suggestion: clips for the hair as you wouldn’t want any hair to be in the food XD

And before you forget, please RSVP to with the title ‘Pastry Baking Class
as seats are limited due to class size, please RSVP by this Sunday 21/05/11~

As the class will end at 3pm, we can take a quick bus ride and head to Holland V for a quick tea while enjoying what we have baked =D

Next Tea Party

And for those who are wondering about the following tea party with the teaser given in the previous party?

One word: Masquerade

Imagine, in your best full-out Victorian/Rococo Lolita dresses with the most fancy masks on, dancing and sipping cocktails.
Happening in late June/early July so do get your masks ready!
It will be epic! Putting my efforts into making this happening =D If you will like to be volunteer to be part of this, email in to!

Night Fairy Fantasia

Also Baby, The Stars Shine Bright also released a new series: Night Fairy Fantasia
Gorgeous series in 4 different colorways.
Items are selling fast so please do email in soon if you would like to reserve the items =]


Innocent World Arrival - 11/05/11 (Wed)
black alice

Hello everyone~! =D

How have you been? ere are a few new updates for Black Alice. =D

Embracing Spring Time

The April's Spring theme party was just over and it was held in the beautiful Lawry's The Prime Ribs restaurant located at Mandarin Gallery. The attendance was overwhelming with 30 pretty dressed up lolitas! It was great that everyone dressed up to the spring theme, lots of pastel colors and flowers, and different styles too! There's classic,sweet style with some gothic lolitas mixed in between and also a sailor lolita~

Black Alice has our own private menu, all thanks to Lawry's~

Here are two of the tables located within the 3 private rooms for Black Alice

Special mention to Liping, the lolita located on the left of the Lawry's sign. She's the first place winner of the Best Coordination: Spring Theme. Congratulations!

Please do look forward to the next theme party happening in May~! =D

Update on Black Alice's storefront

If you have not yet visited Black Alice's physical store front located in The Blog Shop @ Haji Lane, there are now even more reason for you to do so!

Black Alice will be placing some JSK and Blouses up for sale at a special price of between $70~$150! What a steal! There are a few different designs to pick from so you would just have to head down to choose them and give them a try on =D Quantity is limited for this special pricing so do hurry down~!

And also there are a few special mentionables such as the LAST! piece of Vampire Reqiuem JSK in Black that we have just placed up and also Angelic Pretty's French Cafe in Red and Blue!

~ Grace

Dear Lolitas,

we are pleased to announce that other than the previous special sale for selected items, we are also having an arrival of a new batch of Innocent World lolita items at Black Alice located at TheBlogShop@Haji Lane!

Although with the recent Singapore's hot and humid weather, lolita is still wearable. =D It is all about the items, the cutting and the materials. Thus, we bring to you short sleeved blouse, cotton and chiffon items and light weight JSKs and boleros that can be easily paired together! All JSKs are in short length too~ A good way to combat the heat while still keeping the lolita aesthetic!

Available for reservations are also the Innocent World's new series: Strawberry Jam High, available here:

Shop items will be available at Black Alice physical store from late Wednesday onwards =D Please do head down to take a look and of course try the items on~  You can experience for yourself why many lolita love Innocent World, the great quality material, the toned-down but still sweet-classical feel that can bring you from tea parties to shopping with friends and of course the superb cutting that can fit a variety of body shapes!

And also if you have any ideas for the new tea parties: places or games you would love to try out together with other lolitas, please do mail in to, as we are always looking for different ways to make all everything more exciting for everyone =D Cause at Black Alice, we keep every girl's dream alive~

Embracing Spring Time 02/04/11 - Spring tea party with Black Alice‏
black alice
 Hello Everyone,

It has been quite a while since we met for a tea party! It's time to wear out our beautiful lolita dresses again!

Black Alice presents...

~ Embracing Spring Time ~
- an afternoon of pure indulgence -

you are in your best, lounging around in a posh setting with comfortable sofas, sipping tea and having chats with your good friends while savouring the best that Lawry's, The Prime Ribs has.
Nothing says indulgence better than that!


Theme: Spring Time
- pastels, floral, butterflies, bunnies -

Date: 02/04/11, Saturday

Time: 2.30pm~5pm

Venue: Lawry's, The Prime Ribs -
333A Orchard Road #04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery, Mandarin Orchard Singapore 238897

Price: $21 nett / guest
- the price includes food and games -

Dress code: Any substyles of Lolita only including Sweet, Gothic, Aristo, Kodona
please do wear your best =] as we will be taking pictures to email to the staff of the brands Black Alice is taking care of such as Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Baby the stars shine bright, Innocent World, to show our continuous support even though Japan has been hit with such a disaster

Highlight of the party:
- Lucky draws with brand prizes to be won
including: items you might have seen on Black Alice website such as BTSSB, Putumayo Accessories

*Limited seatings only*
Do RSVP early as Black Alice's tea party will have limited seatings this time

RSVP to with the subject 'Spring Tea Party'
Closing date: 30/04/11, Wednesday. 9pm or when all seatings are filled

Handphone number:
Additional comments: if you will be coming late or dietary needs

*Only RSVPed guests with a confirmation email will have a confirm seating so please do fill in the form for each additional guest coming with you*

Please do note the following details:

- Black Alice's tea parties are for female lolita guests only.
- Wearing brands such as Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Baby the stars shine bright, Innocent World are highly encouraged as we will be sending the pictures we took to Japan.
- Due to the limited seatings, please do email us back if you have RSVPed and could not make it in the last minute so we can offer your place to another lolita

Thank you very much for your understanding~


Choose 1 Savory & 1 Sweet

• Prime Rib Yorkshire Roll Up
• Bruschetta topped with Roasted Chicken with Tomato Salsa Sauce
• Sautéed Cream of Mushroom with Garlic Bread
• Honey Baked Ham on Cantaloupe
• Ham Cheese Toast
• Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese in Puff

• Homemade Scones with Devonshire Cream
• English Trifle
• Strawberries ala Chocolate
• Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream
• Raspberry Macaroon with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream
• Sweets of the Day – Please check with your friendly Server

Served with a choice of Finest Italian Coffee, Gryphon Artisan Tea, Soft drinks or Juices

Remmeber to RSVP as early as possible~

RSVP to with the subject 'Spring Tea Party'
Closing date: 30/04/11, Wednesday. 9pm or when all seatings are filled

Handphone number:
Additional comments: if you will be coming late or dietary needs

*Only RSVPed guests with a confirmation email will have a confirm seating so please do fill in the form for each additional guest coming with you*

Hope to see everyone there~!

Black Alice: New Storefront at Haji Lane @ The Blog Shop (2 Mar 11)
black alice
 Black Alice
Wednesday, 2 March 2011
By Tim Wong

Dear ladies,
Hope you have been well recently. I've been a little busy with work from Black Alice and EOY, but still wanted to take the time to write. I really enjoy writing in the BA newsletter, attending tea parties and looking at all the nice Loli prints.

Just yesterday, someone was asking me, "Did you get into the Loli fashion business because of your wife?"
Interestingly, and perhaps to a little bit of a shock to me as well, I told her that it was actually the other way round.

I previously mentioned that we're in the midst of looking for spaces to rent for Black Alice, and I'm glad to announce that we've mananged to secure a space, and we are open from immediate effect:

Black Alice @ The Blog Shop
35 Haji Lane
Singapore 188228
Mon-Thur: 1pm - 8 pm
Fri, Sat, Sun: 12 pm - 10 pm
5 min walk from Bugis MRT

Some special items include:
BABY Lucky Packs
- 1 x Original OP Set
- 1 x JSK Set
- 1 x Accessories Set
BABY Dance of the Cats Series
Angelic Pretty French Cafe Series in Red and Blue

We have just a couple more of BABY JSK/Accessories Lucky Packs, but can't place all of them there due to the lack of space. The JSK/Accessories lucky pack is going for $309 and $109 respectively. Please let us know if you wish to purchase more than one, or if the store's get sold out!

Please note the following changes with the shift:
- Due to logistical issues, 5% VIP discounts and vouchers cannot be applied for in-store purchases at Haji Lane
- 5% VIP discounts and vouchers will continue to apply/can be used for personal orders via BABY, AP & IW
- Orders may be arranged to be collected at the shop, or mailed/courier to your location, or during tea parties (within 1 week)

I'm really happy that though smaller, we have a Black Alice store front again. I remember that I once promised that I will look around for a space, and reopen when the chance permits. There are 2 fitting rooms , so please do drop by to try on the dresses, and have a look at our new place.

Really appreciate all the support that we have received so far. It's been a great honor, experience and lots of fun running Black Alice.

On a side note, I'm catching up with Shiseido over the next few weeks, and will be trying to arrange for an advanced make up class in the following months, so keep a lookout for the mailer.

I'll see you all during the next tea party.

Have a great week!


New Arrival: Vampire Requiem! & Reservation: Rapunzel
black alice
 Hello everyone~!

Are you bored of sitting down and drinking tea?
Are bored of the same old party host?
Have some new ideas for games or something you want to try in lolita?
Want to experience the Black Alice monthly parties first hand?

Email in to

Whether you would like to see Black Alice have a tea party at some new location, thought up of some new games, want to try hosting an event, thinking of trying something new (newer? Ice-skating anyone? Handicraft session?)
Let us know! As Black Alice wouldn't be here without you LOLITAS! And the monthly tea parties are here for you to enjoy yourselves!

The next tea party will be happening soon, so please do keep a look out! On either 5th March or 12th March~!

Anyway it seems to be quite a while since the webshop has updated! So to make up for that, Black Alice is presenting a huge lot of items all at one go!
What do we have? Let's see...
Dance of the Black Cat series, Usakumya, back to basic items and the VAMPIRE REQUIEM series! And of course, the limited LUCKY PACKS!
 3 different colorways for the Vampire Requiem : Black, Red and Blue *NEW*
 3 different lucky packs: Original Print OP set, JSK set and Accessories set. All in Baby's original eco-tote!

Update: 25/02/11 (Friday), 9pm

Let's not forget the new fairytale print from Alice and The Pirates!
~Scent of Rapunzel~


Please send in your reservation by 25/02/11 (Friday), 6pm

See you all soon at the next tea party

Tea party, Sale and New print.. Oh my~!
black alice

 Hello Everyone!

How have you been? It has really been a while since I last saw some of you at the gatherings to catch up and have fun together!

Black Alice present to you...

Tick Tock - It's Time For... TEA!

Date: 29/01/11, Saturday
Time: 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Venue: Tea Cosy - Plaza Singapura, Level 5.
Dress theme: Alice in Wonderland inspired LOLITA (optional) **
Cost: $5/guest **
Recommended food: Tea time set for 2 at $29.95, roughly $15 each!

To make it worth your while, instead of the usual vouchers to be won (although it will still be given away), we have special BRAND prizes to be won this time too!
A hint: It's white, small and fluffy!

**As always, dress theme is optional and code is all styles of LOLITA. Cost includes prizes and materials for games. Food price is at guest's own**

Directions: Alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and the shopping centre next to it is Plaza Singapura.

Email in to with subject: 'Jan Tea Party' to RSVP for the tea party by 26th Jan (Wed)


Other than ‘Tea’, a Lolita’s dictionary should also include the word – ‘SALE’! Dun forget to visit the SALE section at Innocent World too!
Batch closes on: 30/01/11, Sunday. 5pm

At 30% discount from original price, don’t give it a miss to pick up your favourite items! My favourite includes the spade bag and over knee socks =D


And also the new reservation series from Baby the stars shine bright – Twinkle Dreaming Princess with an original print in 4 different colorways.
Batch closes on: 30/01/11, Sunday. 5pm

~ Grace <3

How to order? Email in to with
Item Name:
Item Code:
Item Link:
Item Color:
Customer name:
Customer email:
Customer number:

**Please note that we do not allow cancellation once order has been placed**

Black Alice is hiring
black alice
 Dear Loli's,
It's the last day of 2010, and I hope it has been a great year for you so far. 2010 was a year of challenges and also a year of changes for me. I've been looking around for "Select Shop" locations, like a mini retail front. It's a bit like renting a locker at Toy Outpost/Simply Toys. I've seen some fashion blog shop spaces like that at Far East Plaza; if you have came across places like that, please do recommend!

I thought it'll be nice to at least have a small retail front that you ladies can try some of the new arrivals that we get each month.

On a side note, I'm now hiring an executive assistant to help out with responsibilities at Black Alice, as Grace is going into full time. Working hours are flexible at 25 hours per month, which means you work about 2-3 times a week.

The good thing is that you can work from home, school or during your free time. We'll catch up over a meal once a month, to get updates from you. Job responsibilties include:

Writing/reply emails
Consolidating orders
Writing newsletter
Updating Facebook and blog
Planning for events
Submitting orders
Processing, invoicing customers
Scheduling deliveries and appointments
Misc secretarial responsibilities

25 hours per month @ $6.40 / hour
$5 mobile phone allowance

Looking for individuals who are self motived, good with details, positive working attitude and familiar with the local Lolita community. Basically I'm looking for someone to take good care of Black Alice.

Interested applicants, please write in to me and attach your resume (if you have one) with the following details:


Name (as in NRIC):
NRIC Number:
Contact Number:
Residential Address:
Date of Birth:
Current Vocation: -
Available days to work: i.e. Wednesday - Sunday
Previous work experiences:
Short write-up of yourself:
Any particular reason that you want to work for Black Alice?

[ Please attach a picture of yourself (preferably in Loli) ]


Shortlisted applicants will be called it for a short interview.

Thank you very much, and have a Happy New Year!

May 2011 be your best year yet.


BTSSB: Dance of the Black Cats & Jelly Fish Princess
black alice
Hey everyone,
How was EOY? Did you get to watch the Lolita Runway coordinated by Aeth? *big round of applause to her*
The girls were so pretty! Which were your favourite coordinate?
**Please note that the runway is fully credited to Aeth and is not part of Black Alice**

Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and The Pirates have also recently release some new themes - Dance of the Black Cats & Jelly Fish Princess - among others.

Dance of the Black Cats
Take a look at the rarely seen off shoulder cutting of the One Piece Dress =D
This print is available in Bordeaux ☆ Green ☆ Black colorways. More matching accessories will also be released soon! Please do check back on the page.

Jelly Fish Princess
And let's not forget the Jelly Fish Princess themes - Do not let the name fool you. Included in this collection are Princess style, Sweet style, Gothic style, Kodona and Aristocratic style. It has been a while since we saw some bustle-back dresses too!

The reservation starts on 17th December 2010, so please do let us know if you would like to order any~

Thank you very much~!
And have a blessed festive season ahead!
(9 days to Christmas!)

Noir et Blanc: Launch on Black Alice!
black alice

Hey everyone!
Counting down to EOY!!! Happening next Sunday, 12th! *excited*

Presenting to you - Noir et Blanc
mini launch of two series: Cinderella Jewellery and Vampire Forest  with some other items too!

Available in very limited quality, the highly sold out items only on Black Alice webshop: on 05/12/10, Sunday 9pm!


EOY orders & Modelling job offer
black alice

Hi everyone~! 

I hoped you are having a fun long weekend right now! 
As you all know, EOY 2010 - "Creativity. Fun. Friendship." ( will be held on Sunday, 12 December 2010 from 10 am - 6:30 pm at The Republic Cultural Centre.

There will be a Lolita Fashion Runway by Aeth this year ! Have you thought of your dream coordinate for this year event yet? 
For me, I am hoping to do a super OTT Angelic Pretty style coordinate this year with my Milky Planet JSK! Think of the full works: huge colourful hair, lots of super cavity-inducing sweets jewellery, rainbow accessories everywhere and a super cute cupcake shape! 
Why not try a new style? If you have not yet though of a coordinate, here are some of the latest coordinate from Innocent World and Putumayo, representing Classic and Causal/Punk-lolita respectively~!

Classic lolita style

Casual/Punk lolita style mix

As there are many last minutes orders, we have decided to extend the batch order date till the 15th Nov 2010, 9pm so the items will arrive for EOY! Please do not hesitate to find that special item to make your EOY coordinate come true! Send in your orders to

Innocent World: 15th Nov 2010, 9pm
Putumayo: 15th Nov 2010, 9pm


Modelling Job Offer
And on the other hand, Black Alice is also asked by Luxasia to find some models to represent Harajuku Lovers! Have you heard of it? It’s a fragrance under Gwen Stefani! Pictured below is the new range of fragrances that will be launched~

Here are the details for the job:
Dates to commit to:  4th Dec (Sat) & 18th Dec (Sat)
Time: 1 – 5pm
Job scope: To distribute sampling card and photos taking with customers by professional photographer. 
Pay: $50 per job for the full hours 
(For those who committed the above 2 dates will receive a bottle of Harajuku Lovers fragrance EDT 30ml worth $67)
So what you need to do to be one of the models?
Easy! Just dress up like one of the dolls, take a picture in full costume and send it in to us by 15 Nov 2010, 9pm
Contact number:
Availability to commit:
- Attach picture in full costume -

P.S Here are some guidelines:
Love - Red dress with long sleeve white blouse, white socks and black shoes
Lil Angel - Black sleeved dress with white long sleeve blouse, white socks, black socks with rocking horse shoes
G - Green dress and red shoes
Music - Punk style, Japanese school uniform with striped socks and tartan skirt
Baby - Decora style with colorful mismatched clothes and accessories
- If you have the wigs, please do let us know! *bonus points* -

~ Grace 


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